Who could predict 15 years ago that online banking would be possible? Or had someone already heard about Cloud solutions? A thought through IT-Strategy is an absolute must in today’s company. With React-Security you are at the good address for Hardware, Software, Phone and Cloud! Our solutions will perfectly meet your company’s objective.

Infrastructure Deployment

A server forms the heart of your network. It is then important that you choose for the Infrastructure that matches your set of applications. Dependent on your needs we will choose the best choice for you (Virtualisation or physical servers)

Software Development

At React Security, we don’t just create software, we design solutions to suit your business needs, make you a successful player in the Business world.

We are dedicated at building scalable, cost-effective and manageable applications.Our highly-skilled team aim to provide you the most comprehensive technology, design solutions to keep you abreast of your competition.


Our combined experience working with the public sector, multinational corporate and small business enables us to tailor the ideal strategy for your business objectives.

Our consultants, whether technical or strategic, are proven career professionals at the top of their game. No matter what your specific requirements may be, the depth of experience, expertise, and drive within React-Security’s consulting teams is unrivalled.


Your telephone central in the cloud?

The cloud is more then only a hype or a trend. It is actually possible to call through the cloud! Thanks to Voipplay you can actually have your telephone central in the cloud. With the online platform you have access to that central. In only a few clicks you can configure the phone on the companies need.

We can provide you with assistance in the configuration and with several type of telephone set.

Get in touch with us, to make the best out of your business!

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